Buggy Service @ Penang Hill Founded on 1933
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Penang Hill has got a good repository of British Colonial style Bungalows with the oldest building dated to 1803. The Buggy cars will drive along summit road where you will pass by 2 of the oldest convalescent bungalow(Fern Hill and Convalescent Bungalow) where the nurses stay and high position officials of the East India Company recover from any suffering, sickness or even escape the heat from the city.

You are able the enjoy the view of George Town city and Penang Bridge. The last stop will be will Monkey Cup Garden where you are able to decide whether stop by and enjoy a home-brewed Kopi-Hutan(Jungle coffee) in the natural submerge environment and have a small walk in the Monkey Cup Garden before returning back to Bellevue Hotel or U-turn straight away back to Bellevue Hotel.

Background Story
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The Story of the Heritage Shuttle Service
The Buggy Service can be tracked back to 1933 when the East India Company wanted to encourage traffic on summit road, the shuttle service stopped later. It was until after the Great Depression and World War II, when a lot of Penangites were unemployment, those who were employed had low wages and food price sky rocketed.

Life was hard, but Penang Hill attracted high volume of visitors as local Penangites try to release their constrained emotions during the Japanese occupation. In 1948, the petition of running the buggy service along Summit Road by the hill resident was approved and the buggy service started to operate until today.   
Operating Hours
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