Chicken Oil Cha Kuay Teow @ Penang Hill Founded on 1980
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Chicken Oil Cha Keow Teow @Belleuvue Hotel @Penang Hill
Along the way to Belleuvue hotel, there is a stall selling chicken oil Char Keow Teow (First in Malaysia). The stall can be easily spotted as it is located inside a hut where Mr. Tang can be found cooking this much sought after dish. Visitors can find the stall easily, as one can smell the aromatic aroma of Char Keow Teow when you reach the entrance of Belluvue hotel!
This char keow teow is special because it uses chicken oil which is different from the normal char keow teow which uses pork lard. Mr. Tang uses chicken oil in his char keow teow because he intended for all races around the world to try his char keow teow. Mr. Tang char keow teow is an award winning char keow teow (Penang Best Char Keow Teow 2011) and is also featured in many major newspaper write ups such as The Star, Metro, Kwang Hwa, Sin Chew and many more.

Background Story
The Story Of The First Chicken Oil Char Kuay Teow in Malaysia
Mr Tang journey with char kuay teow started because of his love for char kuay teow. He often experiment with various styles of char kuay teow and started to learn on the basic knowledge of making a good plate of char kuay teow from a teacher in the 1980s. The teacher taught him of ways to control the oil and fire, which is the foundation of making a good plate of char kuay teow.

Later, he then took over his sister in law’s char kuay teow stall and she became his second teacher. She taught him how to create his own secret sauce for char kuay teow and how to control the fire. However, he still feels that his char kuay teow was not good enough and experiment on everything to create the most tasty plate of char kuay teow he has ever tasted.

However, his endless search for the most tasty char kuay teow recipe did not stop there. During the period of searching, he explore the other hawker recipe by trying their char kuay teow. Besides, eating their char kuay teow, he observed small details of how the hawker fried the char kuay teow, for example, the hand stroke, position and angle of each hawker when they fried the kuay teow as well as the arrangement and how they control the fire. He also observed how and when they put each ingredient as well as every minute detail when the hawker is making their plate of char kuay teow. After much trial and error, he finally created a taste that he found to be satisfactory.

One must use different sense of the body, such as nose, eyes, ears to feel and sense the right temperature, aroma and colour of a tasty char kuay teow

Sadly, after 10 years, he stopped frying char kuay teow as he felt that inhaling too much smoke and grease during the frying process is not good for health. He stopped frying char kuay teow was partly due to his believe that to fry a good plate of char kuay teow, one must use different senses of the body, such as nose, eyes, ears to feel and sense the right temperature, aroma and colour of a tasty char keow teow. However, such long exposure of the body to the heat and grease of the fire will cause harmful effect to the body.

For the sake of better health, he went back to working other jobs and experience different type of lifestyle for the past 10 years. However, in 2010, he started cooking again in Bamboo catering, which happened to be one of the Penang famous food catering company.

In 2011, his sister enrolled him into the competition without first informing him. On the day of the competition, he has no choice but to participate. Out of his own expectation, he won the first prize in the competition and became the char kuay teow King for that year. However, when the media asked about where he normally operates his stall, he could not answer because he has no stall at that time. However, he had informed them that he will be opening up a stall after Chinese New Year for that year.

Despite knowing the down side of being char kuay teow man, he started his char kuay teow journey again at Lai Lai Kopitiam beside Asia Café (near Air Itam) . And later switched place to Tiongnam Kopitiam for 2 years.He was then again forced to stop selling and frying char kuay teow because he was diagnosed with heart problem. He then ventured into other jobs such as selling fruits for a year.

One day, the management of Bellevue Hotel found him doing other casual work and felt that it is a waste of talent. So they invited him to work at Bellevue. He was put to work in the kitchen of Bellevue Restaurant but was later relocated to a hut outside of Bellevue. The management wanted Mr. Tang char koay teow to be well known to all visitors of Penang Hill and relocated him to the hut outside of Bellevue for better exposure.  Bellevue management believe that Mr Tang chicken oil char keow teow is able to appeal to all visitors around the world regardless of race and religion because of its chicken oil ingredient which differs from the normal char kuay teow which uses pork lard.

“Using charcoal does not necessary mean that it will create a good plate of char kuay teow”

Mr.Tang mentioned  that fire is very important in cooking char kuay teow. Everyone have their own way of controlling fire to create a plate of aromatic char kuay teow. However, he believes that using charcoal does not necessary mean that it will create a good plate of char kuay teow. He believes that of one uses gas, the right and constant temperature, one can also  create good plate of char kuay teow. Besides that, timing is also very important. The 5 senses and experience can help in getting the right timing for the char kuay teow.

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