Bee Gallery @ Botanical Garden Founded on 1978
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The Gallery showcase various species of bees, types of honey they produce and knowledge that the owners accumulated throughout the bee rearing years. The Bee Gallery allows you to explore things you need to know or even things that you don’t know about bees. They wanted the bee gallery to to be made in a fun and interactive place, not only showcase bees but also the touching on the health aspect of honey.
For kids, they might only have fun seeing bee rearing technique, learn more about characteristic of bees, learn to protect themselves in the wild as some bees are very dangerous, how to produce different flavours of honey and even taste the freshly harvested honey.
For adult, you might observe something deeper, interesting yet different by seeing the natural management of mother nature. Each characteristic of the bees and how does each character play a part in maintaining a loving, peace and harmony colony. Be amazed by how all the small little bees that are able to mange their colony far better than many human being.

Background Story
The Evolution Of The Bee Gallery
The story started in 1978 in Malacca, when the owners of bee gallery started with bee rearing business. Throughout the years, they have expended having various bee rearing farms around Ipoh, Malacca, Terengganu, and Kelantan and as far as Thailand.

It was until a point when the owners wanted to do more than just rearing bees and selling honey. They wanted to expand his business further by tapping into the tourism industry. The owner foresees that Penang is a good sight for tourism industry and also a strategic location to be made as their main distributing centre for the northern region of Malaysia.
In 2003, Bee Gallery was established near Botanical Garden. The owners are very passionate about bees and they wanted to share their experience and knowledge about bees that has been accumulated through their bee rearing business.  Some interesting facts such as how the worker bees work and scarifies themselves when the colony is under attack, the empress and the whole colony of bees has different roles to play and how each role is important to the survival of the whole colony.
The owners wanted to share with the public that bees too are family based creature and how each of the bees play their roles to maintain the harmony and survival of the entire family. Bees are also very cautious and practical creature, because of their every ready attitude to make more honey for safety stock keeping.
With all these ideas, they created a gallery which showcase details from bees to traditional and modern way of harvesting of honey, how honey are made into different types of health beneficial product in an interactive and fun way.
After establishing the Bee Gallery, another problem arises, there were not much customers who enter the gallery. However, the owners did not give up easily, they figure out a wonderful idea by co-operating with tour bus, taxi drivers and collaborate with Penang Tourism Department. As more traffic coming in, the Bee Gallery added more bees and honey products.

After 13 years of operating Bee Gallery, one day, they heard that Penang Hill is developing and inviting people to open up more attractions on the hill. With another philosophy that the owner wanted to share with the public, they started another meaningful gallery named Little Village. Little Village has a philosophy of reminding the world that everyone should live in harmony just like the seven dwarfs.
In 2016, Little Village was founded with the loving philosophy of “Believe in love, you will see miracle and miracle will happen’ and since that it has added a hint of loving and romantic ambience to the top of Penang Hill.
Operating Hours
TODAY09:00 AM-06:30 PM
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