Pitt Street Kuay Teow Thng - locals refer it as Ya Ka Koay Teow Thng Founded on 1950
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“Ya Ka Koay Teow Thng” is a family owned business. It is the only “Koay Teow Thng” shop that makes its own homemade fish ball and minced meat “Koay Teow Thng”,. This specialty store has the recipe that was pass down for 4 generations in Penang. “Ya Ka Keh” is literally translated to mean “the road under the coconut tree” in Hokkien language (a local dialect). The locals relate “Ya Ka Keh” to  Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling/Pitt Street.
What is so special about the Koay Teow Thng?
1. The explosive Sea Water Eel Fish ball
It is a family owned recipe that was passed on for 4 generations. The recipe only  uses high quality fresh ingredients to make the fish ball, and there were no chemical used during the process. Although demand for the fish ball has gone higher each year, only the process of skinning and grinding the eels uses machine as the Lim’s Family wants to maintain the high quality of the fishball. The other process was done using their own hands. This reason “Ya Ka Koay Teow Thng’s” fish ball comes with an explosive natural sweetness.  

2. “Bak Cho” (minced pork)
The minced pork has been smashed continuously until it gets a fine, smooth and bouncy texture. After that, the minced pork is showered over and over again with hot broth until it is cooked. The mince pork got sold out very fast daily as only limited amount of mince pork are produced everyday due to the limited capacity of the Lim’s Family.   

3. Broth
The broth is boiled using whole duck, whole chicken and pork bones for hours during the wee hours in the morning.

4. Homemade soy-chilli sauce
The sauce is specially made from garlic that were freshly peeled every day, chillies, soy sauce and some secret recipe that is  said to be able to enhance the taste of the fish ball and minced meat.

5. Other Ingredients
The pork cracklings are freshly made every day and high graded dark soy sauce is used for the dry koay teow.

The “Koay Teow Thng” was reasonably priced. The price has never gone up much despite the increasing cost of the raw materials. The Lim Family decided to bear all the cost as a practical way to show appreciation to their loyal customers and playing a small part in reducing the living cost of the white collars in Penang.

Other products offered by the shop
The lady boss loves to bake, upholding the same values of the Lim Family, she uses the best quality ingredient and sell them at the most reasonable price.
Some of the customers’ favourites are:
1. Egg Tart
2. Coconut Tart
3. Hup Toh Soh
Tips: The Tarts and Hup Toh Soh are sold at a limited quantity every day.

Background Story
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Story Of Overcoming Obstacles and Challenges with Quality and Service .
The effect of the World War II has caused many Penangites to lost their job, those who were employed had low wages and prices of goods sky rocketed. This pushes many locals to use their talent and start doing small businesses to make a living.
In 1950’s, Mr.Lim(first generation) was also one of the locals who start a small business by selling “Koay Teow Thng”, “fry koay teow” and “fry tua pan” (a thicker and broader koay teow) by the road side of “Ya Ka Keh” (Pitt Street). To make sure that his “Koay Teow Thng” is different from others, Mr.Lim made his own fishball that he learn from his family.
As the time goes by, Mr. Lim’s handmade fish ball “Koay Teow Thng”,  became very popular among the locals but his stall is just by the road side. So the locals would refer his stall as “Ya Ka Koay teow Thng” which means the “Koay Teow Thng under the coconut tree.

Mr.Lim continue to sell his fish ball “Koay Teow Thng” by the road side about 30 years. Under the management of Penang 2nd Chief Minister Tun Dato Seri Dr. Lim Chong Eu, Pitt Street had became more developed, the authorities required hawker stalls along Pitt Street to be upgraded. Mr. Lim has got no choice but to rent a stall space at a coffee shop (kopitiam) along Pitt Street.
After 20 years of selling “Koay Teow Thng” at the coffee shop,  they were forced to move out due to some conflict of interest with the coffee shop’s owner. Sadly but luckily, after moving to the new coffee shop business got better with the help of their their loyal customers  who spread the words around that their favourite “Koay Teow Thng” stall had switch place (Facebook have not been a popular way in spreading news that time).
Few years later, a foreign property group bought the whole roll of shop houses and “Ya Ka Koay Teow Thng” Shop was  once again, forced to relocate. In 2011, “Ya Ka Koay Teow Thng” had moved to Carnarvon Street and became a specialty store. Business got even better; some of the customers even take the risk to park illegally along the streets, just to enjoy a bowl of “Ya Ka Koay Teow Thng”.

Despite getting all the recognitions from media, the Lim Family still maintain their humble attitude and continue to serve the Penang community quietly at Carnarvon’s Street.
Operating Hours
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