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The Little Village is designed to awaken the love that has been buried by many in the cruel corporate world. The Seven Dwarf resembles people from different characteristic in the world and the houses resemble the society. It is hoped that the dwarf are able provide hints to everyone where people with different characters are able to live and work together in harmony.
There is also a love arch in little village, during the night you are able to submerge yourself in the cool and calm Penang Hill climate overseeing the lights of Georgetown. This highest and most romantic love arch in Penang Island had witness many successful attempt of wedding proposal from people around the world.
There is also a Queen Bee Palace where you are able to taste different flavours of honey that uses different raring methods and admire a few private collection of the ‘Queen Bee Palace’.
There are a lot of small little parts of the attraction with intrinsic meaning hoping that people who come out from Little Village would be equip with more love to be spread to the community.


Background Story
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The Story Of A Little Village With A Very Big Heart
After Penang Hill Corporation took over Penang Hill Railway Services in 2011, the hill had been developing into a world class hill. Many more attractions were needed on the hill and this message was passed to the owners of Bee Gallery. They were excited about the news and started planning and applying to play a part in developing the hill.
With the successful experience on Bee Gallery, they have another idea that would also coordinate with Penang Hill Corporation vision on coating the hill in a more romantic ambience which is what created Little Village.
Little Village display the idea of love and harmony into the world. The philosophy behind the idea was “Believe in Love, You will see Miracle, Miracle will Happen”. After much consideration, they uses seven dwarfs and bee as a theme as the seven dwarfs resemble each type of character we have in this world but what makes the dwarfs different is that they have love in their heart despite the suffering they see and experience in the world. Through this idea, the dwarfs are able to stay together and live in harmony.  
On the other hand, bee is also similar like the dwarfs. Bee is actually family loving animal because when people attack their colony, they are willing to sacrifice their life to protect their family. Therefore, the owner feels that dwarfs and bees are suitable to be used as theme of love, peace and harmony.
Another more realistic point of using bee is that to keep the idea of ‘Creating A More Loving World For Everyone’ sustainable, bee related products are to be sold to financially support and spread the whole idea.

After having a great idea of the whole ‘Little Village Project’, Penang Hill Corporation rented out a building to them adjacent to the Penang Railway station. However, they feel that they have limited space to express love, peace and harmony philosophy. Therefore, they further discussed with Penang Hill Corporation to use the walkway along the path to the Penang Hill Railway Station to better express and to add a loving and romantic ambience to the Hill.

With that idea in mind, they have decorated the walkway with Love Arch, Little Village, Snow White, Rabbit Garden, Rose Garden, Lavender Garden, Malacca and Penang Trishaw for visitors to take photos as well as Queen Bee Palace with honey sampling for visitors to test. This idea do indeed bring thousands of happy events to Penang Hill with couples getting proposed around the love arches and snapping photo and be merry at the highest point of Penang. Indeed, Little Village brings love, peace and harmony to Penang Hill and hopefully spreading it to the world.
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