The Ginger, Aviary & Dinosaur Garden @ Penang Hill
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Plant lovers and family with kids would love this place. There is collection of birds from around the world, different species of robotic dinosaurs, a dome and many rare and endangered plants in Malaysia can also be found in this garden.

For plants lovers, you will be amazed by all the rare collections of plants they have here. The ginger garden was also a gold medallist in ginger collections.

For culture lovers, you are able to see the Campuan Longue in the garden which was a detached bungalow used by Mr.Hallyburton to accommodate servants. You are able to observe the original colonial style building structure(that is still maintained and rarely to be seen by public in Penang) by walking around the garden and Bellevue Hotel.  

Background Story
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Story Of A Garden-like Research Centre 
Soon after, the owner took over Bellevue Hotel, he wanted to make something more and unique that can match up the architectural and botanic together while having a place for his collection and doing his research and study on plants for his quarterly Folia Malaysia magazine.

It started with the aviary, where the owner kept all his private collection of native and exotic birds where some were rescued from the illegal wildlife trade. Later, the owner added his private botanic collection which include rare endangered Malaysian plants and an impressive collection of ginger total of 8 families of gingers from around the world. His ginger garden also won a gold medallist years later. Slowly, his botanical collection & aviary gain popularity and recognition among plant lovers.

One dark and windy night, a thief broke into the garden and stole most of the collection from the Aviary. It was a real heartache as 20 over years of collection all gone in one night. The management managed to fill the aviary with other species of birds later on.

In 2017, interactive dinosaurs were added in the garden to add a hint of excitement. The Tyrannosaurus Rex, Triceratops and others are able to move and even roar.

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