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In the olden days before pop-corn was introduced to the world, “Kacang Putih” (means white beans in Malay) used to be the favourite snack for the Indian community. When the East India Company brought the ‘freedom fighters of India’ (who the British refer as the convicts when they colonized India), they brought along the “Kacang Putih Culture” to Penang.

This small “Kacang Putih” Stall was established in 1950’s and had witness the whole development of Penang Hill and has collected quite a number of regular customers. The Masala series of snacks developed by this family is one of the kinds in Malaysia and can only be found in Penang Hill.

There are two recommended healthy yet tasty heritage snacks from the stall:   
1. Chick Peas Masala – This snack consist of Chick Pea, Muruku, Salad with family’s secret blended Masala sauce
2. Corn Masala – This bag of nuts consist of Corn, Muruku, Salad with family’s secret blended Masala sauce

Background Story
Story Of How a Simple ‘’Kacang Putih’’ Stall Became Famous Internationally
The “Kacang Putih” stall was started by Mr.Sakthivel’s grandpa. He was one of the first batch of workers who helped to build the Penang Hill Railway. After the railway has completed, Mr.Sakthivel’s grandpa started rearing cows and collect cows’ milk at Air Itam area in order to make a living. It was until after World War II, he started working for ‘’Keretapi Bukit Bendera’’ or better known as Penang Hill Corporation today.

To improve the quality of living of the family, he kept his job and started venturing into a part time ‘’Kacang Putih’’ business in 1950. He also sold off his cow business as the business consumed too much time and energy. About the same time Mr.Sakthivel’s dad got a job in ‘’Keretapi Bukit Bendera’’ and start helping out at the Kacang Putih Stall.

Everything maintain the same until 1984, after 35 years of working for Keretapi Bukit Bendera Mr.Sakthivel’s dad retired and became a full time ‘’Kacang Putih’’ seller. Mr.Sakthivel’s dad wanted to make his ‘’Kacang Putih’’ stall more attractive so he added more product such as different type of Muruku, steam peanuts and steam chick peas.

However this isn’t enough for the Mr.Sakthivel’s dad, he wanted to create something unique which will give them their own identity. He tried so many recipes with different type of spices and finally successfully invented ‘Kacang Kuda Masala’, even until today you can only find ‘’Kacang Kuda Masala’’ on Penang Hill.

During that period business got better and the dad collected some regular customers whose next generation is also a regular customers of the ‘’Kacang Putih’’ stall until today. Mr.Sakthivel who is the third generation of ‘’Kacang Putih’’ seller started to play a part in helping the dad at the stall and the secret recipe was pass down to him until today.

Later, Mr.Sakthivel took over the ‘’Kacang Putih’’ stall and added Corn Masala in the menu. As Penang got more famous and more tourist going to Penang Hill, Mr.Sakthivel was able to collect a lot of loyal international fans from Australia, Germany, Singapore and many more that come back for his Corn Masala when they re-visit Penang.

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