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Aw Kew or Oh Kio Desert Stall has been selling very authentic homemade local cooling deserts such as Oh Kio, Chendol Kacang, Red Bean, Basil Seed Drink and Pegaga Juice in Penang since 1949. The secret recipes and techniques has been pass on for 3 generations until today. All the deserts are freshly made from natural ingredients daily and the leftovers would be dispose to maintain the quality of their deserts.

Products offered by the Desert Stall reflected the working environment in Penang during that period and wisdom of the old Penangites in using desert ice to keep their community healthy while earning a very honest living.
Products offered by does Aw Kew/Oh Kio Desert Ice offer:
1. Awkew/Oh Kio Desert Ice
The scientific name of the fruit is called Ficus awkeotsang Makino. Oh Kio is also called Jelly Fig. The jelly is made from the Gel of the seeds of the fig. The Koay Family has got their own secret formula in making their own Oh Kio.
Benefits of Oh Kio: 1. Help to improve the skin texture   
                                   2. Relief throat tightness
                                   3. Low in calories
                                   4. Help to cool down the body during hot day
2. Cendol Kacang
Pandan Flavoured jelly noodles served with coconut milk, red beans and palm sugar. The red beans are cooked using technique pass on for generations and the proportion of the Cendol Kacang is also something only the Koay Family knows. 

3. Pegaga Juice
The scientific name of Pegaga leaf is centella asiatice. Pegaga Juice is the juice extracted from Pegaga Leaf and the Koay Family has got their own technique in extracting the juice.
Benefit of Pegaga Juice: 1. Help to cool down the body during hot day
                                            2. Increases the memory power
                                            3. Helps to decrease anxiety
                                            4. Helps in wound healing
4. Basil Seed Drink
It is basically Basil Seed + Rose Syrup
Benefits of Basil Seed: 1. Help in weight loss
                                         2. Help to cool down the body during hot day
                                         3. Reduce constipation
                                         4. Rich in Vitamin K, Protein and Iron helps you to get shining and healthy hair
                                         5. Help to reduce depression, migraines and stress.

Background Story
Note: This is a draft. The proofreading is not complete.

The Story Of A Heritage Desert Ice With A Very Humble Begining
It all started 4 years after World War II, back in 1949. The World War II has left Penang in a state where many Penangites lost their jobs, those with jobs have low wages, food prices sky rocketed and life was really hard back then. Mr. Koay was left with no jobs and was struggling to find a way to make a living to feed the family.

Like many families back then, many unemployed Penangites would start to open stalls by the road side, selling foods where they are good at which became the Heritage foods in Penang today. The same thing happens to Awkew desert ice stall. Mr. Koay started to sell something that the Koay family is good at.

Mr. Koay started prepare deserts at his house(the parking lot behind used to be his house) and with his ‘lulu chia’ (which means push cart in Hokkien), Mr.Koay pushed all the desert outside his house and this is the starting of the heritage desert ice. During that time, everything is handmade, even the shaved ice. Mr.Koay will place a block of ice on a wooden board, and when a customer order a desert ice, he will pick up his knife and start shaving the ice.

Passing The Desert Stall To The Second Generation
Mr.Koay from the first generation spend his whole life making desert ice for local Penangites. Day in and day out, everything maintained the same for 41 years. In 1990, the desert stall business is passed on to the second generation. As Penangites life got better and the invention of ice shaving machine, the Koay from the second generation invested in an manual ice shaving machine which helps her to save a lot of energy in shaving ice.

With the ice shaving machine, the Koay from the second generation is able to extend her working hours where she would push her ‘lulu chia’ (push cart) to Lebuh Acheh(the street beside the mosque near the ‘Boy on Chair’ wall mural) from 12pm-3pm and again will push her push cart all the way down to the junction of Lebuh Acheh and Weld Quay and sell it there from 4-5. Ms Koay will move her cart to opposite of Chew Jetty and sell it until 7pm. Night time she will again push the push cart to Chulia Street.

This is not the end yet, after going back home from Chulia Street, she has to start prepare deserts to be sold the next day as many traditional desert require many cumbersome steps and long hours to boiling to achieve the best quality of the desert. Despite the more than 12 hours of working and going through all the cumbersome steps daily, each glass of Green Grass drink were just sold at 30cents while Cendol were sold at only 50cents back then.

Passing The Desert Stall To The Third Generation
The second generation of the Koay family worked very hard for 14 years and build up a strong customer base. In 2004, the 3rd generation Mr.Koay comes into the picture when he started to help the mom at the desert stall and slowly take over all the operations at the desert stall.

This is the time where the ‘lulu chia’ has been upgraded to a food truck. The manual ice shaving machine has not been upgraded to electric one because electric ice shaving machine would increase the speed of damage to the old one and to maintain the original machine from the second generation that has been serving the Koay family for 2 generations, Mr.Koay continue using the manual ice shaving machine by hand everyday.

Thanks to the customer based build by the 2 generations, Mr.Koay is able to change to shorter operating hours from 12-7pm and selling at a fixed location at the junction of Weld Quay and Lebuh Acheh so that local Penangites dun have to go around and look for the desert stall. During the weekend, Mr. Koay will also extend their operating hours and continue selling desert ice at Chulia Street from 7.30-10pm.

Although the desert stall has been passed on for three generations, and price of raw materials have increased, Mr. Koay have not changed the formula of the desert still continue making deserts using the traditional method passing through all the cumbersome steps in a way to thank generations of their loyal customers and to maintain the Heritage Desert everyday at the junction of Weld Quay and Lebuh Acheh.
Operating Hours
7.30-10.00pm @ Chulia Street
TODAY12:00 PM-07:00 PM
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