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‘Ti Kuih’(Hokkien) which is called nian gao(年糕) in Chinese or sweet glutinous rice cake in English. It used to be a type of sweet rice cake made from glutinous rice where the older generation of Malaysian Chinese used to make them at home before Chinese New Year(Spring Festival). Sweet glutinous rice cake would then be used as present for close friends and family, for praying the ancestors and Gods and for self consumption during Chinese New Year.

In 1989, Mr.Ong decided to share the “Ong’s family glutinous rice cake” to the public. This is probably the only place in Penang where the traditional Malaysian family recipe glutinous rice cake is available for public all year long. The stall also sell a lot of unique Malaysian style snacks.  

Products offer by the Fried Ti Kuih Stall
1. Fried Glutinous Rice Cake       - Fried homemade sweet glutinous rice cake with Yam and Sweet
                                                          Potato coated with flour batter
2. Fried Pinggan Kacang             - Fried umbrella shape flour batter with peanut and sweet potato 
3. Fried Corn Bread                      - Combination of bread, corn and flour
4. Fried Peanut Sesame Ball       - Fried sesame ball filled with grounded peanut
5. Fried Coconut Sesame Ball      - Fried sesame ball filled with coconut paste
6. Fried Banana                             - Fried banana coated with flour batter.
7. Fried Sweet Potato                  - Fried Sweet Potato coated with flour batter
8. Fried Yam                                  - Fried Yam coated with flour batter
9. Fried Tapioca                             - Fried Tapioca coated with flour batter

Most of the regular customers will call to make an order to avoid waiting.
Tel: 014-3049910, 0164679910     

Background Story

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The Story Of The Traditional Fried Glutinous Rice Cake
When the first generation of Chinese came to Malaysia from China, they maintain the tradition of making sweet glutinous rice cake during Chinese New Year(Spring Festival). As a way of showing appreciation to the God for providing them with good weather for a good harvest, the Chinese would use the corps harvested to make into something exquisite. And hence, the sweet glutinous rice cake was invented.
Just like other Malaysian Chinese, Mr.Ong remain the tradition of making sweet glutinous rice cake during Chinese New Year at home. The recipe and technique was pass down from generation to generation by the Ong Family. Many relatives and friends who visited Mr.Ong, like the ‘Ong’s Family Sweet Glutinous Rice Cake’ so much that they keep on persuading him to sell it all year long so they do not have to wait for the next Chinese New Year to taste it.

In 1989, after much consideration, Mr.Ong started to sell fried sweet glutinous rice cake at the junction of Weld Quay and Lebuh Acheh which is just beside the currect Oh Kio Desert Ice and later move to the current location. Mr.Ong also added a lot of Malaysian style snacks suitable for afternoon tea to satisfied all the craving of his regular customer. Oh Kio Desert Ice and Mr.Ong's Fried 'Ti Kuih' stall had been a perfect combination and perfect spot for locals to have afternoon tea since then.
Until today, the Ong Family has been humbly serving the local community with great taste for 2 generations and they will continue to enduring the heat beside the frying wok to make the best ‘Ong’s Family Glutinous Rice’ to serve the public. 

Operating Hours
TODAY12:30 PM-07:00 PM
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