David Brown's Restaurant @ Strawberry Hill - Penang Hill Founded on 1788
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David Brown’s Restaurant @ Strawberry Hill - Penang Hill
David Brown’s Restaurant is located on Strawberry Hill - the first flat land cleared on Penang Hill. This plot of land got its name when the founder of Penang Island planted the first Strawberries plant after it was cleared. David Brown’s Restaurant is the first garden restaurant with the old charm of English countryside couple with the ambience of old British colonial style garden on Penang Hill.

Visitors to the David Brown’s restaurant can enjoy perfect panoramic view of the whole of Penang while enjoying the various delicacies of traditional English and English fusion food. David Brown’s Restaurant is often associated with the best scone in Penang as the recipe was passed down since the 1930’s.  

David Brown’s Restaurant is also a very popular place for english tea and romantic dinner, thanks to the cooling temperature of the hill, the old colonial charm and the glimpsing night lights of Georgetown city which form a very romantic ambience for a romantic dinner.

Visitors are able to experience colonial lifestyle lived by the English Colonial Masters and see for themselves the footprints that the British has left behind.

Recommended food
During visit to David Brown, one must try at least one of the following David Brown’s restaurant specialty.
1. English Scone
2. Beef Wellington
3. Lamb Shank
4. Lamb Rack
5. Bbq Chicken Chop

Background Story
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Story of Strawberry Hill/David Brown building
In 1788, Strawberry Hill started when Captain Francis Light (the Founder of Penang Island) from the East India Company(EIC) exhibits a very huge effort to search for a land that is suitable to be used as a look out point to build a base used for monitoring vessels that approach Penang Island.

With his horse, starting from the Waterfall Garden(current Botanical Garden) he slowly worked his way through the bushes, trees, passing through colony of monkeys up to Penang Hill. When he found a flat land on top of a small hill where he could oversees the majestic view of the Straits of Malacca, he cleared the plot of land, build a atap hut and planted some strawberries and roses that he brought from his garden back in England. The plot of land was named Strawberry hill. Francis Light passed away 6 years later.

The plot of land was abandon when the EIC found a higher ground and build Bel Retiro. As popularity of Penang Hill increased, good friends or close associate of the EIC started to build their own bungalow on the Hill. This include John Macalister who build the first 2 storey bungalow on Strawberry Hill called Strawberry House.

In 1830s, the impact of the first industrial revolution was felt in Penang Island when the EIC is making less profit due to introduction of canals, improved roads and railways where it enables more people to participate in trading. Penang status as a Presidency was abolished, many civil servants lost their job which leads to falling of property prices on the hill. During this period many properties on the hills changed owners which include the 2-storey Strawberry House that was sold to C. Galastawn esq.

The property was used to rent for $30 per month for convalescing purpose. One day, fire burn down the 2nd storey of Strawberry House and it was abandon for a while until 1924 when the 2nd generation of couch for the hill railway successfully launch. The abandon Strawberry House was also rebuilt as a 1 storey tea kiosk which serves Western Food at first and later become Hainan and Western fusion food as the cooks were all Hainanese. The locals refer the tea kiosk as Hainan Coffee shop as it gains more popularity among the hill residents.

In 2005, Peter Lee, the owner of Ye Olde Smokehouse of Cameron Highlands won the opportunity and worked together with architect Laurence Loh (the same person who restore Suffolk House) research and renovated to restore the colonial house to its original look and state. The result of restoration was quite spectacular with the house restored back to its old Penang charm.

The tea kiosk was rebuilt using some of the original parts such as the door lock and the urinal which has a history of more than 100 years and it was imprinted with the manufacture company’s logo. The restoration was completed in 2007.

On the same year, they started to operate the newly restored tea kiosk as David Brown’s Restaurant. In 2010, a sky terrace was built and the operation on the same time Penang Hill launch her 4th generation coach from Switzerland in 2011. Since then, David Brown’s Restaurant has been a very popular place for romantic dinner thanks to the cold temperant, the old colonial charm and the glimpsing night lights of Georgetown city which form a very romantic ambience.
Operating Hours
TODAY11:00 AM-10:00 PM
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