Green House Prawn Noodle Founded on 1957
Green House Prawn Noodle Specialty Store • Established 2002
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Green House “Hokkien Mee” (prawn noodles) had been one of Penangites’ favorite place for supper for more than 20 years. The fresh prawn broth mix with noodle accompanied with some “Sio Bak” (roast pork) makes a perfect supper.

Green House “Hokkien Mee” is also a great place to stop by before ending your hangout at night.  

Background Story
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The Story of How A Normal Prawn Noodle Stall Becoming The Top Prawn Noodle Specialty Store in Penang
It all started in 1957, during the independence day of Malaysia. Economic condition back then had pushed many locals to sell their skills by the road side. Even highly educated university graduates was forced to become parking attendance by the road side.

Just like other locals, the founder of Green House Prawn Noodle (locals refer it as Che Chu “Hokkien Mee”) started to sell Prawn Noodle by the side of Burma Road. Back then, Green House Prawn noodle was the first hawker stall in Burma Road.

After 16 years, the recipe was passed on to Dino, the son-in-law of the founder. He started selling in Green House Hawker Centre or the locals call it “Kopitiam”. This is where Green House Prawn Noodle got its signature name from all the loyal customers.

Dino was a passionate young man who wants to bring his “Hokkien Mee”stall to a greater height. He strongly believes that he would bring his “Hokkien Mee” to be one of the top “Hokkien Mee” stalls in Penang. Back then even the wife doesn’t believe in him and ask him to stop dreaming.

But, the fire inside Dino continues to burn. Deep inside, Dino believes that he can do it! Although he doesn’t know how to achieve his goal. So, Dino continues with his day to day life where he and his wife peel every single prawn, separate the skin and the meat, preparing fresh prawn broth, selling noodles and washing of the dishes every single day.

This day to day process has been going on for a while until one day, Dino felt something inside him just don’t feel right and he started to think “What went wrong?”. The problem have been puzzled him for a while. It was until one night, Dino finally found the problem that has been bothering him for a while that is “Continuing day to day like this isn’t going to bring him to any higher heights in any foreseeable future.”

He then started to observe everyday and he found that a lot of youngsters likes to go clubbing and after clubbing they will look for places to eat. So the couple decided to extend their operating hours until 2am everyday. This switch of operating time slowly gain popularity among the locals and people start calling the stall Green House Prawn Noodle as it is a prawn noodle selling at Green House Hawker Centre.

Over 29 years of hard work, Dino finally achieved his dream and made Green House Prawn Noodle to be one of the top Prawn Noodle in Penang. A Prawn Noodle Specialty Store was also open in 2002. With years of his experience, Dino upgraded his business and form his own management team, which he form a system and organise one person to work on each process starting from ordering ingredients, peeling the prawn, cooking the broth, preparing the noodle, cleaning the dishes, mopping the floor, etc.

To ensure the quality of his prawn noodle, fresh prawns are ordered from Perak every day. And to make sure that the prawns are up to quality, Dino will also personally test the flavours of the broth and other ingredients every day, before serving to customers.


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